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Lo spazio dedicato alla co-progettazione tra Segni ed enti pubblici e privati che vogliono dialogare con le nuove generazioni attraverso percorsi personalizzati. Di seguito le case-history più importanti realizzate negli ultimi anni. Per richiedere un progetto su misura

Green Snowball Effect

Per le città di Mantova, Belluno e Vicenza, il 2022 inizia all’insegna di un progetto Green ideato da Segni d’infanzia associazione in partenariato con Parco del Mincio, Atelier Teatro Danza e Rosso Teatro, Dedalofurioso ed exvUoto Teatro, che ha ottenuto il sostegno della Fondazione Cariverona nell’ambito del Bando Format. Il progetto dal titolo “Green Snowball…

Chain reaction

Chain Reaction is a project that won for three years (2019, 2020 and 2022) the Ministerial Call for Proposals “Boarding Pass Plus” (MiC) and made it possible to launch a series of actions to promote networking among operators and programmers of Children’s Theatre, to foster the process of internationalisation of performances and to enhance the role…

E se diventi farfalla

Inspired by a line by Italian poet Alda Merini, the E se diventi farfalla (If you become a butterfly) project employs artistic language and creativity to combat educational poverty. In the period 2018-2022 Segni d’infanzia and other organizations throughout Italy have been and will be committed to developing formats for supplementary activities in nursery schools,…

New TEEN project adventure

After the experience with two European cooperation projects – T.E.E.N. Theatre European Engagement Network (2016-2018) and TEEN AMBASSADORS ACROSS EUROPE (completed in 2020), a third follow-up, large-scale project involving 12 countries has been undertaken in order to carry out research about the active involvement of teenagers in the theatre and to create a live/digital community…

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A space for co-planning between Segni and all organizations that would like to start a dialogue with the new generations

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