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A dialogue with generations

Who we are

Segni d’infanzia associazione artistica e culturale was founded in 2008, with the aim of organizing the like-named international theatre festival for an audience aged 18+ months, which has been known as SEGNI New Generations Festival since 2016.

With Cristina Cazzola – an actress and playwright with extensive experience in cultural management and international relations – as its artistic and organizational director, and a permanent staff of three people sharing their skills in different sectors, the Association creates and implements projects aimed at boys and girls, children and teenagers, drawing on cooperation with artists and professionals from Italy and abroad.

Its projects provide the new generations with inspiration and tools for growth, fostering their empowerment and cementing the bonds between various age groups in the community.

Segni d’infanzia’s strength lies in its ability to forge a valuable network of collaborations between a range of different environments: institutions, schools, companies, associations, the volunteering world, while maintaining a keen eye for all inspiration offered by cultural scenarios in Europe and the whole world.


The Association believes that only by providing children and teenagers with high-quality stimulation is it possible to contribute to the cultural development they themselves have started.

A long-time champion of inclusion and integration through the theatre and artistic disciplines, it designs innovative formats to generate dialogue across generations about contemporary issues and supports school activities with non-formal educational projects.

Attentive to social concerns involving the new generations (and not only), Segni d’Infanzia is committed to giving its contribution via specific activities and using the power of artistic language for educational and therapeutical purposes.

Based on its strong links with Youth Theatre, Segni d’infanzia firmly believes in the importance of networking to promote the circulation of companies, give visibility to emerging creativity and offer spaces for the creation and development of skills and expertise.

What we do

Design and management of cultural events: the Association can handle an event from beginning to end, providing both script and direction and looking after artistic and organizational aspects, either globally or partially.

Communicating content through the language of the arts: the Association is involved in conveying various types of content to the new generations by designing formats that allow exploration of artistic languages such as painting, dancing, music, drama. It creates animated readings from the best childhood literature around one or more chosen topics, based on a comprehensive, specially compiled bibliography; it provides interactive workshops and itineraries, training sessions, theatre shows with gripping stage action.

Circulation and promotion of projects: the Association can develop contacts and relationships between schools, families, institutions, companies, and the world of training and volunteering in order to design customized events for the promotion and visibility of different kinds of projects.


Cristina Cazzola

Artistic director

Monica Colella

Organisational Director

Elisabetta Girolami

Organisational manager

They collaborate with us:

Valentina De Poli

Communications consultant

Sara Zoia


Giuseppe Scaletti

Accountant, Auditor and Labour Consultant


Cristina Cazzola
Art director of the association Segni d’Infanzia
Hired as employee by the association since 14/05/2012
Gross compensation for the art direction of SEGNI New Generations Festival 2023 corresponding to euro 12.108,82.

The data are published as required by art. 9, paragraph 2 of the decree of law No 91
and converted by law No 113 of the 7th October 2013, “ Urgent provisions for the safeguard, the valorization and the relaunch of the cultural heritage, the cultural activities and tourism”.
The members of the Board of directors of the association Segni d’Infanzia in charge since 01/02/2015 are:

Ezio Cazzola as President from 15/03/2012 to 31/12/2022
Lucia Rastelli as Vice-President
Elisabetta Girolami as third member of the Board of directors
The members do not perceive any remuneration for their task.


Segni Factory Ideas Visions and itineraries

Segni in Onda

Segni’s digital scene: videos, podcasts, workshops, interviews, animations and shows

Segni Projects

365 days a year of artistic projects for the new generations and the adults connected to them, including national contests, projects about European cooperation and fighting educational poverty.

Segni su Misura

A space for co-planning between Segni and all organizations that would like to start a dialogue with the new generations

Segni Production

All things produced and coproduced by the Association: shows, workshops and cultural events for children, teenagers and people of all ages.