How to support the association

Support theatre and culture for the younger generation

It is possible at any time of the year to support the association’s projects.


Supporting the Segni d’infanzia association means becoming part of the world of Segni and keeping it alive. It means contributing to projects and activities designed for the new generations, to ignite their thoughts, to help them come to terms with reality and their dreams, to see them grow, to make culture. At the theatre, at school, in the family, on the streets, on an island and even on a digital platform: you + Segni together, to support the future.


You can choose one of these 3 modes to support Segni d’infanzia:

  • By making a donation via bank transfer or PayPal by filling out the respective forms below
  • By making a donation via ArtBonus
  • By donating 5×1000

Paypal donation

    Facendo clic sul pulsante "dona adesso", di aver letto informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali
    Visualizza Informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali.

    Bank transfer donation

    Fill out the form below to receive bank details Associazione Segni d’infanzia

      Donation via ArtBonus

      The ArtBonus is a concrete tool to encourage cultural patronage.
      Thanks to a tax mechanism, 65% of donations in favor of culture and entertainment are deductible, and thus in favor of Segni d’infanzia Associazione.

      Two examples:

      • Individuals and entities not engaged in commercial activity:

      TAX CREDIT OF 65% OF THE LIBERAL DONATION, LIMITED TO 15% OF TAXABLE INCOME (the contribution can be of any amount).

      Example: LIBERAL DONATION €300. With an ART BONUS benefit of 65% that is to say €300= € 195 tax credit.

      • Business income holders:


      Example: DONATION equal to € 10,000 for every €2,000,000 in annual revenues. With an ART BONUS benefit of 65% that is to say €10,000 = €6,500

      How to make a liberal donation?

      • By bank transfer to Segni d’infanzia with the motive specified on the ArtBonus website;
      • or through the post office (e.g., transfer to a current account in the name of the beneficiary);
      • or by the other payment systems provided for in art. 23 del DLgs. 241/97, i.e. by debit, credit and prepaid cards, bank and bank drafts.

      To find out more, visit the section on the ArtBonus website by clicking here.

      Donation of 5xmille

      Sign your Dichiarazione dei Redditi/730/CU and specify the codice fiscal (social identity) of Segni d’infanzia Associazione Artistica e Culturale ETS – C.F. 02225980206 as an institution of the third sector registered in RUNTS.