How to support the association

Support theatre and culture for the younger generation

It is possible at any time of the year to support the association’s projects.


Supporting the Segni d’infanzia association means becoming part of the world of Segni and keeping it alive. It means contributing to projects and activities designed for the new generations, to ignite their thoughts, to help them come to terms with reality and their dreams, to see them grow, to make culture. At the theatre, at school, in the family, on the streets, on an island and even on a digital platform: you + Segni together, to support the future.


You can choose one of these 3 modes to support Segni d’infanzia:

  • By making a donation via bank transfer or PayPal by filling out the respective forms below
  • Donating 5×1000 to Segni d’infanzia  associazione artistica e culturale – C.F. 02225980206
  • Becoming a member

To join the Association, you need to fill in and return to the form you can download HERE

The membership card, which is personal and nominal, costs 10 euros per person, is valid for one year and, as well as being a way of supporting the Associazione Segni d’infanzia from the inside, entitles the member to a 1 euro discount on the purchase of Festival tickets (cannot be combined with other reductions).

Paypal donation

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    Bank transfer donation

    Fill out the form below to receive bank details Associazione Segni d’infanzia