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The Contest

Arturo Brachetti: the chameleon artist of Segni 2021

Inspiration and readings: the bibliography of the Chameleon

It’s your turn: paint me, tell my story… let’s change together!

Animal symbol and contest

Each edition of the SEGNI festival has its symbol animal and an artist as testimonial who creates the image. In seventeen editions, the graphic sign of Dario Moretti, which characterised the first six editions, has been followed by those of Dario Fo, Altan, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Giorgia, Licia Colò, Alessandro Sanna, Virgilio Sieni, Arturo Brachetti, Vinicio Capossela, even Giulio Romano up to the scientist Barbara Mazzolai.
The symbol animal lends itself to conveying themes and contents through which to stimulate the creativity and reflections of young audiences. A bibliography is linked to it, offering ideas for readings and in-depth studies in theme with the festival. But, above all, a historic Competition is linked to the symbol animal in which everyone – children, young people, schools of all levels, families – are called upon to participate by re-elaborating the image of the animal proposed by the artist with different artistic or narrative techniques.
The participants’ works are one of the most important contents of the whole path leading to the festival, a way to leave a personal mark at SEGNI and to be 100% involved.

Discover the Symbol Animal 2022

2022: the Ant is here!

A social creature par excellence, the Ant is a tiny insect with great superpowers. It reminds us that even if small, one can be wise, have great energy and great ideas.

Ant colonies are super-organisms where cooperation and coordination reign at the highest level.  It kind of goes without saying to speak of the ant in the plural. Ants are capable of lifting up to 50 times their own weight, they are skilled at building houses, tireless scavengers capable of recycling waste and providing benefits to the ecosystems of which they are a part.

They specialise in creating perfect rows and when there are obstacles to overcome they create living bridges, clinging to each other.

The ant invites us to reuse and recycle everything, avoiding any waste, and above all reminds us that cooperation, doing things together, taking into account everyone’s needs and characteristics, is a secret weapon for doing incredible things.

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Discover the artist who designed the Ant.

Barbara Mazzolai: nature as an inspiration

Barbara Mazzolai, a biologist with a PhD in Microsystems Engineering and an international master’s degree in Eco-Management from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, directs the Soft Bioinspired Robotics Laboratory at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. Her work involves designing life-enhancing machines by taking inspiration from plants and living organisms.

She is the testimonial artist of SEGNI 2022 who designed the image of the Ant. And if you are wondering what science has to do with art, Barbara gave us the answer:

“I believe that there are important connections between the world of science and robotics and that of art: it is creativity that unites us. Both the scientist and the artist aim to innovate, to observe the world in a different way”.

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The Contest that makes a team

The festival competition has always been an activity to be shared with the family and the class.

This year it is even more so because the Ant teaches us that together we can do amazing things!


When was the last time you felt small, small? 

What is the world like seen through the eyes of a tiny creature?

What are your superpowers? What’s the greatest achievement you’ve achieved by teaming up with your friends?  


So many are the questions that our symbol animal tickles us with!

The Ant designed by Barbara Mazzolai is ready to welcome and accompany your story to be expressed through colours, words and sounds. Let yourself be inspired by nature as our scientist does and give shape to your idea!

Participating in the Contest is a way to learn how to communicate themes and give shape to ideas using the different languages of the arts.

How can you enter?

Download the ant designed by Barbara Mazzolai and get inspired!

Try to creatively tell one of her features that impressed you the most.

You can participate at all ages:

with the class
alone, involving mum and dad or getting together with friends to share ideas and each produce a work to be entered in the competition.

What kind of works can be submitted? Artistic (pictorial or plastic), narrative (short stories, poems) or multimedia (podcasts, videos): there are no limits to creativity!

Find inspiration also in the Ant Bibliography!

IMPORTANT: when planning your idea, you should also think about how to share your work digitally.

A few tips and rules to follow for optimal digital rendering:

If you take a photo of your work, remember to set up the surrounding space for its placement or choose a neutral space that makes it stand out; check the light, focus on the subject and make sure it can be seen in its entirety.
If you want to make a video or podcast dust off the tips from The Voice of the Whale on click HERE for a video idea and HERE for a podcast idea.
If you want to write a short story or poem, then try to translate it into an audio and if it also consists of illustrated elements, make several photos to put together in one file or create a video.
If the work consists of several images, these must always be assembled and sent in a single file to be renamed as indicated.

Below are instructions on how to rename the FILES before sending:

01_school name OR name and surname of the individual participant (for individuals)_class and section (in the case of schools)_title of the work


01_School Strozzi_Green section_The mischievous ant

01_Marco Rossi_The sleepy ant




To register for the competition, you must fill in the form, available below in the “Participate in the Competition” section, NO LATER THAN 20 OCTOBER, simultaneously uploading your work in digital format.


All works, entered and uploaded correctly, will be published in a photogallery on the Facebook page of Segni d’infanzia, where you can vote with a 💗 from 10 a.m. on 27 October to midnight on 3 November 2022.


The award ceremony will be held on the penultimate day of the 2022 festival, SATURDAY 5 NOVEMBER, at 12 noon at the LOGGIA DEL GRANO.

Free event upon reservation. Book your place by writing to

What you can win

Families: a one-night stay on Giglio Island and boat trips to discover the island offered by MAREGIGLIO. CLICK HERE and discover the details of this prize.


School classes: free participation in a show (to the first classified) and a selection of books (to the second and third classified).


TEENs (boys and girls aged 14 and over): access to the TEEN ACADEMY 2022, the International Summer Camp that SEGNI organises in June.

Partecipa al concorso

Partecipare al contest è molto semplice! Compila il form qui sotto per inviarci la tua proposta.

    Drag your file here or select it from your computer

    File: png, jpg, pdf, mp4, mp3.
    Maximum size 10 MB.

    Bibliografia del Camaleonte

    Books are an endless source of inspiration: to enter the Contest, to have a bedtime story read to you, to share it with your classmates or simply to spend some good time with a new friend: the Chameleon.

    Just like every year, Simonetta Bitasi has prepared a bibliography for readers aged 2+.

    There are titles for all ages and – it goes without saying – we are looking forward to your suggestions! Write to to recommend a book for the Bibliography of the Chameleon.

    I read the Bibliography of the Chameleon

    If you are a passionate reader, tell us what your favourite book is among the ones in the Bibliography: send an audio file to where you read out a sentence or explain why you liked it.