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Arturo Brachetti: the chameleon artist of Segni 2021

Inspiration and readings: the bibliography of the Chameleon

It’s your turn: paint me, tell my story… let’s change together!

Animal symbol and contest

Each edtion of the SEGNI Festival has its animal symbol and the endorsement of an artist, depicting its image. Over the past 15 editions, Dario Moretti’s drawings in the first 6 years have been followed by the work of Dario Fo, Altan, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Giorgia, Licia Colò, Alessandro Sanna, Virgilio Sieni, Vinicio Capossela – and even Giulio Romano.

The animal symbol is the perfect vehicle for conveying content and themes that stimulate creativity and reflection in young audiences. It comes with a Bibliography offering ideas for further reading on the festival topics. More importantly, the animal symbol is connected to a historic Contest where everybody – children, teenagers, families, schools of all kinds and levels – can participate by reinterpreting the image of the animal proposed by the artist through various artistic or narrative techniques.

The participants’ creations are one of the highlights of the path leading up to the Festival, a way to leave your own mark and be 100% involved.

Scopri l’Animale simbolo 2021

2021: the Chameleon is here!

The Chameleon is the animal symbol of the 16th Edition of the SEGNI festival.

This flashy scaly reptile – futuristic and archaic at once – changes colours depending on how it feels. Some people mistakenly think this is a hiding technique, but the colour change – happening in layers of specialized cells under its transparent skin – is actually a way to communicate its emotions to the world.

Its ability to blend into its surroundings is also an appeal for us to be more respectful of the environment around us, its balance, its ecosystems.

Its use of colours to communicate strongly reminds us of the visual arts and the artistic languages that bring various codes into play to express moods, concepts, stories.

A natural wonder which is the symbol of evolution par excellence, it is eminently suited to describe the transformations that go hand in hand with outside circumstances, the adjustments that are necessary to react to sudden changes in our surroundings. Just like it happened during our recent experience of the pandemic.

Did you know? It has no ears, but it can hear and listen through its other senses.


Arturo Brachetti, record artist

Arturo Brachetti is a world-famous and world-acclaimed Italian artist. In many countries, he is considered a living legend in the world of theatre and visual performing art. He is also a keen and passionate stage and artistic director, whose expertise ranges from comic to musical and from magic to variety shows.

Brachetti is currently the best quick change performer in the world, with a “gallery” of over 350 characters, and as many as 100 played in a single evening.

He is so fast that he has been included in the Guinness World Records and his record is still unbeaten. Arturo does not only change the colour of his costume, but the character as a whole, and for SEGNI 2021 he has camouflaged himself as our animal symbol, recreating its image, except for a very distinctive mark: his unmistakable quiff.



The Contest that will change you!

When you get angry… what colour do you turn?

What colour is fear? And love?

How well do you adapt to your surroundings? Do you feel you are a part of this world or more like an… alien?

You are growing: what makes you think you are changing?

What or who would you like to change into? Conversely, is there anybody you would like to change?

Do you have…. a loose tongue? Are you sure that listening is only a matter of ear?

So many questions spring from our animal symbol! The chameleon is a kaleidoscope of colours, but also of suggestions on how to express a personal or collective mood, describe an experience, or imagine what you will be like in the future. More than anything else, it is the symbol of transformation and of the reaction which is necessary in the face of changing surroundings.

Arturo Brachetti’s Chameleon is ready to welcome and accompany the tale that you will express through colours, words, sounds or even a short visual art performance, just like the great artist does! Entering the Contest is a way to learn how to communicate themes and convey emotions using the various languages of the arts.

How can you enter?

Download Arturo’s Brachetti Chameleon and let it inspire you! Use it as a start point to describe an important transformation you have gone, are going or would like to go through. You can choose one of these means of expression – or do a mix:

  • TALE/POEM (written and/or read aloud)
  • SONG /RAP (written and/or read aloud)
  • DANCING/MIMING/MUSIC (without words)

Once your creation is complete, fill in the form, attaching your work as a video or audio file, image or text – and send it by 14th October.

What you can win

Families: one night’s stay on Giglio Island and boat trips to discover the island, offered by MAREGIGLIO

School classes: for the winner, one of SEGNI’s performances directly in their school; a selection of books on environmental themes for second and third best.

A personalized prize also for those aged 12-18 who are not participating as a class: the chance to have a chat with their favourite ARTIST.

Partecipa al concorso

Partecipare al contest è molto semplice! Compila il form qui sotto per inviarci la tua proposta.

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    Bibliografia del Camaleonte

    Books are an endless source of inspiration: to enter the Contest, to have a bedtime story read to you, to share it with your classmates or simply to spend some good time with a new friend: the Chameleon.

    Just like every year, Simonetta Bitasi has prepared a bibliography for readers aged 2+.

    There are titles for all ages and – it goes without saying – we are looking forward to your suggestions! Write to to recommend a book for the Bibliography of the Chameleon.

    I read the Bibliography of the Chameleon

    If you are a passionate reader, tell us what your favourite book is among the ones in the Bibliography: send an audio file to where you read out a sentence or explain why you liked it.