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The Contest

2023: The Year of the Flamingo!

Animal symbol and contest

Each edtion of the SEGNI Festival has its symbolic animal and the endorsement of an artist, depicting its image. Over the past 17 editions, Dario Moretti’s drawings in the first 6 years have been followed by the work of Dario Fo, Altan, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Giorgia, Licia Colò, Alessandro Sanna, Virgilio Sieni, Vinicio Capossela, Arturo Brachetti, even Giulio Romano up to the scientist Barbara Mazzolai.

The symbolic animal is the perfect vehicle for conveying content and themes that stimulate creativity and reflection in young audiences. It comes with a Bibliography offering ideas for further reading on the festival topics. More importantly, the animal symbol is connected to a historic Contest where everybody – children, teenagers, families, schools of all kinds and levels – can participate by reinterpreting the image of the animal proposed by the artist through various artistic or narrative techniques.

The participants’ creations are one of the highlights of the path leading up to the Festival, a way to leave your own mark and be 100% involved.

Discover the Symbolic Animal 2023

2023: The Year of the Flamingo!

Symbol of balance, rebirth, altruism, charm, for the 18th year of SEGNI the Flamingo was chosen, an animal associated with all four elements: fire which we find in its characteristic colour, water where it lives and feeds, air in which it travels, the earth on which it perches on one leg.

It is precisely this famous pose of his that makes him a master of balance, a key word for our approach to sustainability and the climate crisis.

With its long legs, swan-like neck, prominent beak and fluffy pink feathers, the Flamingo moves with elegance, like a true artist, perfect therefore to accompany this edition of SEGNI New Generations Festival.

The Flamingo that accompanied the 18th edition is called Magro Magrino and was designed by Iris Lidia Accini.

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Discover the artist who drew the Flamingo

Iris Linda Accini

Twelve-year-old Iris Lidia Accini, with her Fenicottero Magro Magrino, is this year’s testimonial artist. Chosen for the first time from the public, she was selected by the jury composed of artistic director Cristina Cazzola and the TEENs of Segni from among the numerous entries received in response to the Open Call for Artists launched in May.

The Contest that will change you!

The visual for this special 18th year of the festival competition is inspired by the drawing of the Skinny Flamingo by Iris Lidia Accini, a young artist who was not yet born in the first edition of the festival. Her work perfectly represents the balance, lightness and charm that characterise the Flamingo and this edition of SEGNI!

The Festival Contest has always been an activity to be shared with the family and the class. Participating in the Contest is a way to learn how to communicate themes and shape ideas using the different languages of the arts. You can submit a pictorial, plastic, narrative or multimedia work. There are no limits to creativity!

How can you enter?

All ages can participate:

  • with your class
  • alone, by involving mum and dad or by getting together with friends to share ideas and each produce a work to be entered in the competition.

What kind of works can be submitted? Artistic (pictorial or plastic), narrative (short stories, poems) or multimedia (podcasts, videos): there are no limits to creativity!

Where can I find inspiration? In the Flamingo Bibliography!

IMPORTANT: When planning your idea, you should also think about how to share your work digitally.

A few tips and rules to follow for optimal digital rendition:

  1. If you take a photo of your work, remember to set up the surrounding space for it or choose a neutral space that makes it stand out; check the light, focus on the subject and make sure it is seen in its entirety.
  2. If you want to make a video or podcast dust off the tips from The Voice of the Whale on click HERE for a video idea and HERE for a podcast idea.
  3. If you want to write a short story or poem, then try to translate it into an audio and if it also consists of illustrated elements, make several photos to put together in one file or create a video.
  4. If the work is composed of several images, these should always be assembled and sent in a single file to be renamed as indicated.

Below are instructions on how to rename the FILE before submitting:

01_school name OR first name and surname of the individual participant (for individuals)_class and section (in the case of schools)_title of the work


01_School Strozzi_sez verdi_The elegant flamingo

01_Marco Rossi_The Balanced Flamingo



To register for the competition, you need to fill in the form, available below under ‘Enter the Competition’, and upload your work in digital format at the same time. Registration closes on 29 October!


All works, correctly entered and uploaded, will be published in a photogallery on the Facebook page of Segni d’infanzia, where they can be voted for with a 💗.


The award ceremony will be held on Sunday 5 November, the closing day of the 18th SEGNI New Generations Festival.

What you can win

Win wonderful prizes!

For schools:

  • a boat trip to discover the Mincio Valleys for the first classified | Thanks to Parco del Mincio;
  • a valuable selection of books from the Flamingo Bibliography, produced in collaboration with the Mediateca Gino Baratta in Mantua, which Segni d’infanzia will take to the schools of the 2nd and 3rd place classes.

For families:

  • A wonderful stay on the island of Giglio (GR) and boat excursions in the Tuscan Archipelago for the top 3 winners | Thanks to Maregiglio.

Enter the competition

Participating in the contest is very simple! Fill in the form below by 29 October to send us your proposal BUT first CAREFULLY READ the instructions in the section HOW TO PARTICIPATE?

    Drag your file here or select it from your computer

    File: png, jpg, pdf, mp4, mp3.
    Maximum size 10 MB.

    Flamingo Bibliography

    Books are an endless source of inspiration: to enter the Contest, to have a bedtime story read to you, to share it with your classmates or simply to spend some good time with a new friend: the Chameleon.

    Just like every year, Simonetta Bitasi has prepared a bibliography for readers aged 2+.

    There are titles for all ages and – it goes without saying – we are looking forward to your suggestions! Write to to recommend a book for the Bibliography of the Chameleon.

    I read the Bibliography of the Chameleon

    If you are a passionate reader, tell us what your favourite book is among the ones in the Bibliography: send an audio file to where you read out a sentence or explain why you liked it.