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ForesTEEN 2023-2027: building a resilient European TEEN cultural ecosystem

After the experience of two European cooperation projects T.E.E.N. Theatre European Engagement Network (2016-2018) and TEEN Ambassadors across Europe (second step concluded in 2020), Segni d’infanzia Associazione ETS has obtained for the large scale project “ForesTEEN. Building a resilient European TEEN cultural ecosystem” co-funded. by Creative Europe, a European Union program aimed at promoting the growth and sustainability of the cultural and creative sectors.

The “ForesTEEN” project is the third follow up on the active involvement of  teenagers and young adults in the cultural and theatrical experience through the creation of a community at national and European levels between the live and digital experiences.

The work conducted through these projects over the past 9 years by Segni d’infanzia Associazione ETS aims to develop an inclusive, scalable and sustainable ‘audience engagement’ methodology for programming theater and cultural events for young audiences that is based on an increasingly “co-curatorial” approach.

“ForesTEEN. Building a resilient European TEEN cultural ecosystem” is a project of European cooperation dedicated to researching and innovating audience development models for teenagers and young adults, meant as people between the ages 15 and 25. The project has been running since 2023 November, the 5th, and will end on November 14th 2027, with the aim of exploring new strategies and approaches to engage this specific age group and related adults by stimulating trans-generational dialogue.

With this in mind, Segni operates not only in the territory of Mantova, where it is based (click here for more information), but also at the international level, thanks to Creative Europe. For the current project until 2027, Segni is working in collaboration with 9 partners from different European countries, who have a consolidated experience in managing international festivals and events and are part of the Assitej International network. They are:

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The project has been co-funded by Creative Europe