25 Jan 2024
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The Carnival for Families of Mantova : Nabuzardan – 26th edition

The engaging event signed by Segni d’infanzia Associazione, now in its 26th edition, in collaboration with Comune di Mantova and Fondazione Palazzo Te, is back!

The splendid setting of the renaissance villa Palazzo Te is confirmed as the location for the long-awaited Family Carnival, which offers activities and fun for children in full Nabuzardan style. As per tradition, rooms and open spaces are simultaneously animated by activities, interactive shows and the beloved children’s make-up stations.

Tickets can be purchased from Thursday 1st February 2024, at the Segni d’infanzia ticket office in Via L.C. Volta 9/B, Valletta Valsecchi, Mantua. For further information the ticket office number is 0376-752882. It is advisable to purchase tickets as soon as possible (5 euros per person, from 18 months of age) as places are limited to allow better enjoyment of the various contents on offer.

More details will be revealed during the press conference scheduled for January, the 31st. In addition to the Nabuzardan programme, a special new initiative will also be presented regarding the students of the Middle School “G. Bertazzolo” who will be the protagonists of a special event scheduled for Saturday 10th February at the Teatro Bibiena, thanks to Comune di Mantova’s project “Generare il futuro: dalla scuola alla città” (generating the future: from school to the city).

The appointment is therefore for Saturday 10th February to experience together the joy of Carnival, with costumes and masks that every year paint the city on the cold winter afternoon of Shrove Saturday.

Foto di bambini travestiti da Carnevale

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