21 Jul 2022
Festival New entry

The Ant: symbolic animal of the 2022 festival

2022 will be the year of the Ant!

This tiny insect endowed with many “super powers” is the symbolic animal of the 17th edition of SEGNI New Generations Festival to be held in Mantua from October 29 to November 6, 2022.

Ants are capable of lifting up to 50 times their own weight, are tireless scavengers capable of recycling waste and providing benefits to the ecosystems of which they are a part.

Do you know what their secret weapon is? Social life based on sharing of tasks, according to age and characteristics, cooperation and the realization that the needs of individuals are met only if everyone works for the common good.

The identity of the “guiding spirit” of this edition was unveiled during the Mantua in Spring Ecological Carnival, held at Palazzo Te on April 2 and 3, during which it was also possible to admire a sculpture made entirely from recycled materials by Mantua-based artist and set designer Giulia Casari, depicting just the ant.

Who managed to take a selfie with the ant sculpture? Share on social your shots with tags @segnidinfanzia ( we are both on facebook and instagram) and #segni2022 #formica2022: we will be happy to re-share you in the stories and on our pages.

As per tradition, the festival’s symbolic animal is drawn by a major character whose sign is then re-interpreted by children, boys and girls, schools and families through the COLOR (AND TELL) THE SYMBOL ANIMAL Contest.

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