12 Apr 2022

See photos of Mantua’s Ecological Carnival

The Mantua Spring Ecological Carnival has come to an end and we wanted to thank everyone for the large number of participants!

For some spectators it has been a fixture for many years – on hiatus since 2020 – but for many others it was the first time. It filled us with joy to see your grown-up children and the amazement of the little ones. We all contributed together to something great but often taken for granted: getting together TOGETHER. That is why we thank everyone, children, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, chaperones, friends and also the Ukrainian community for participating in this special edition of Nabuzardan!

Together with our artists, the wonderful group of TEENs and volunteers we finally returned live for a magical Carnival at Palazzo Te!

Click HERE to browse the GALLERY on the facebook page and relive the days of Mantua’s ecological Carnival!