23 Apr 2024
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ForesTEEN Academy: the programming

Tomorrow the ForesTEEN Academy starts on the island of Giglio!

The group, composed of people (TEENs, artists, cultural workers) from all over Europe, will spend the next few days together in this cultural adventure, organized for the European project ForesTEEN, until Sunday, April 28.

There will be many activities in the unspoiled places of the island such as the beaches, the castle and the lighthouse. These activities will also involve citizens, visitors and tourists of the Tuscan island. The programming goes from shared viewing of performances, in synergy with Compagnia dei Cosi, the association Hey There! I’m Using Theater and Proloco Isola del Giglio, as well as the creation of site-specific performances and the ever-present TEEN trekking discussions: dialogues made in the time of a walk, together with cultural workers and artists.

All ForesTEEN Academy activities of the April 25 bridge in detail.

It starts on April 24, with the first dinner together as a welcoming ceremony.

The following day, April 25, will be the first walking discussion on the island in the company of the children.For this day, the route will be to the Capel Rosso Lighthouse. In the evening, the appointment is at Bar Monti in Giglio Porto, to watch the show “ITALOPOROMPOPÒ” by and with Alessandro Lucci, scheduled for “SPLASH! A Dive into Reading,” the event conceived by La Compagnia dei Cosi and Hey There! I’m Using Theater, in partnership with Proloco Isola del GiglioVisitGiglioIsland.  The viewing of the April 25 evening performance will be followed by a dialogue with the TEEN participants in the ForesTEEN Academy.

On April 26, the day is structured like the previous one: in the morning TEEN trekking discussion (walking discussion) in the direction of Punta Fenaio Lighthouse, and at sunset, at Tukul Beach Bar, there will be a viewing of “Il Contastorie“, a show by and with Alessandro Lucci, in collaboration with the project “SPLASH! A Dive into Reading.” ForesTEEN Academy students will see the show and afterwards discuss it with the artist.

During the first two full days of the ForesTEEN Academy, TEEN Trekking Discussions will be held: to stay up-to-date on any changes in the walking schedule in relation to the island’s weather, it is possible to follow the kids’ activities in real time on the instagram stories of the @teentheatrenetwork and @segnidinfanzia pages.

The ForesTEEN Academy 2024 weekend includes an even more engaging program.
In fact, on Saturday 27, the highlight of the four-day event will be reached with “PARADE“, an artistic parade through the streets of Giglio Castello, which is designed as a tribute to the citizens of Giglio for their precious hospitality to the European project of Segni d’infanzia Associazioe: a real civic ritual and a propitiatory feast to celebrate “Happiness and Future.”

From Saturday morning until 4 p.m., the ForesTEEN Academy TEENs will be at the Vaccarecce Lighthouse together with the local artists involved in the initiative, to prepare the parade through songs in their own repertoire, reports from the conversations they had during the walks of the previous days and again, poems, songs or dances, all inspired by the key words “Happiness and Future” and of course by Giglio Island itself. Indeed, the participants of this adventure are both international artists – who have selected pieces from their own repertoire – and young people who have taken courses or have a passion for theater.

In the afternoon at 2 p.m., citizens and tourists of the island who are pleased to actively participate in this initiative will be able to join the group at the Vaccarecce Lighthouse and join in the preparation and share artistic materials such as pieces of music, recited texts or appearances as figurants. The goal is to “draw” a large collective canvas, with the possibility of then attending the parade as actors or as spectators.

People will meet at Gloriosa Square at 5 p.m. and “PARADE” is starting at 5:30 p.m.

To stay up-to-date and know schedules and details about the TEEN Trekking Discussion routes, as well as the activities held during the ForesTEEN Academy, it is recommended to follow the social channels of  Segni Associazione, where content posted daily by the TEEN participants themselves on their social profiles will be shared in stories.

In order not to miss these precious updates, it is recommended to follow the two accounts and activate the notification bell: @teentheatrenetwork and @segnidinfanzia.

The selection of performances is curated by Gaia Rum of “Compagnia dei Cosi” in collaboration with Alessandro Lucci.

We thank the Vaccarecce Lighthouse for their hospitality for rehearsals and preparation for the April 27 Parade.

ForesTEEN Academy has received the patronage of the Comune di Isola del Giglio (Municipality of Isola del Giglio) and is made possible by co-financing from Creative Europe and funding from Segni d’infanzia Associazione. We thank also Maregiglio and Levoni as technical sponsors of the ForesTEEN Academy initiative.


To find out more about the ForesTEEN project and propose a collaboration, please visit segnidinfanzia.org on the projects section.

Contact: facebook and instagram, 0376/752417 – segreteria@segnidinfanzia.org