21 Feb 2023

Fun weekend for the 25th Nabuzardan


Saturday 18th February was a festive afternoon in which, kissed by the sun, we filled up with energy, fun and fantasy. Nabuzardan, the Carnival of the City of Mantua, once again this year welcomed young and old from all over Italy, transforming Palazzo Te into a large stage with acrobatics, dances, readings and many other activities.

Acrobatics that also animated the city centre during the morning, thanks to the artists of Spazio Circo Bergamo, who were welcomed by many masked children and passers-by at the farmers’ market, overwhelmed by the magic of Carnival!

In the gardens of the Esedra, we were amazed to see Arlecchino, Brighella, Pantalone, Gianduia and Pierrot suspended between ropes, hoops and trapezes; Sara Zoia then enchanted us with the story of the Ant Queen, teaching us that what may seem to be a limitation actually makes us all unique. And finally, we were transported to a parallel world with the Spring Dance by our beloved artistic director, Cristina Cazzola. And then, your wonderful carnival costumes and masks were made even more magical by the make-up artists, Beatrice Ancellotti and Clelia Moretti!

It was also exciting to see the Nabuzardan tradition carried on by so many adults who, during the very first editions, were the youngest and now are the adults and/or parents of the new generation! Equally exciting was being able to welcome those who were taking part in the Mantua Carnival for the first time and those who came to Mantua for a family outing to our event!

During this Nabuzardan we had the opportunity to say goodbye to the symbol animal of 2022, the Ant, who for a whole year has thrilled the audience of Signs of Childhood. Therefore, the greeting of the Ant could not but pass by the winning sections of the Colora l’animale simbolo 2022 competition: the boys and girls of the Casa dei Bambini in Via Mori, winners of first place in the art competition, were able to have a preview reading of the Ant Queen by Sara Zoia, which thrilled young and old alike during the Nabuzardan!

Thanks to all the audience for their joyful presence and for helping to colour the day with fantastic and imaginative costumes.

Thanks also to those who accepted our invitation and donated to help UNICEF support children affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

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