16 May 2023
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Donate your 5×1000 to Segni d’infanzia

Donate your 5 per mille to Segni d’infanzia: add your signature and the tax code 02225980206 in the box SUPPORTING THIRD-SECTOR BODIES REGISTERED IN THE RUNTS of your income tax return, in the “Form for the choice of the destination of 8 per mille, 5 per mille and 2 per mille of IRPEF“, section “CHOICE FOR THE DESTINATION OF THE FIVE PER MILLE OF IRPEF“.

Support theatre and culture for the younger generation!


Supporting the association Segni d’infanzia means becoming part of the world of Segni and keeping it alive. It means contributing to projects and activities designed for the new generations, to ignite their thoughts, to help them come to terms with reality and their dreams, to see them grow, to make culture. At the theatre, at school, in the family, on the streets, on an island and even on a digital platform: you + Segni together, to support the future.

Donating your 5 per mille is not compulsory, but it has no cost and is a very simple gesture. The 5xMille is the possibility that the Italian State gives to all its taxpayers to devolve a part of their income tax (IRPEF) in favour of non-profit organisations. It is not an extra tax to pay, but a share that must be paid in any case. Nor is it an alternative to 8xMille or 2xMille!

If you do not enter your signature or a tax code, your 5×1000 will all go to the Italian State.

If you sign in one of the seven boxes available for the allocation of the 5 per thousand, but do not indicate the tax code of an association or organisation, the share of your 5 per thousand will be devolved to the chosen sector in proportion to the preferences received by the associations in the same category.

Choose to support Segni d’infanzia and the new generations! Write the tax code 02225980206.