16 May 2023
Notices Festival New entry

Are you between 12 and 25 years old? Make the visual of SEGNI 2023!

For its 18th edition, SEGNI New Generations Festival opens up even more to its community of spectators with a unique opportunity: to become the artist who will create the representative image of this year’s Symbolic Animal, the Flamingo.

Over time this role has been covered by artists and VIPs such as Dario Fo, Altan, Alessandro Bergonzoni, Giorgia, Licia Colò, Alessandro Sanna, Dario Moretti, Virgilio Sieni, Arturo Brachetti, Vinicio Capossela, Giulio Romano, and the scientist Barbara Mazzolai.

With this Open Call we want to open to boys and girls the opportunity to give a body and a form to the animal chosen as the symbol of SEGNI 2023. The call envisages the selection by the artistic director, Cristina Cazzola, and the boys and girls of the TEEN group of Segni d’infanzia of an image from among all those received, which will be used to create the festival visual.

The person who will have realised the chosen image will receive a contribution of € 500.00.

All persons born between 1998 and 2011 may participate by submitting an entry representing or inspired by and referring to the Flamingo, created using their favourite technique, as long as it belongs to the field of visual arts (e.g. drawing, painting, graphics, illustration, collage, video…).

The work, together with the participation form, must be delivered by hand or by post to the offices of Segni d’infanzia (Via L.C. Volta 9/B – 46100 Mantova) no later than 18:00 on 09/06/2023.

Underage participants must send the authorisation signed by their parents by e-mail to segreteria@segnidinfanzia.org before the delivery/shipment of the entry.


Download the authorisation for minors (ANNEX A)

Download the participation form (ANNEX B)

Read why we chose the Flamingo and be inspired.

(Image by creativeart on Freepik)