13 Feb 2024
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2024: The Year of the Octopus

The Symbol Animal that will accompany the 19th edition of SEGNI New Generations Festival (in Mantua from 28th October to 4th November) has finally been announced: the Octopus!

A symbol of adaptability, resilience, sensitivity and intelligence, the Octopus is a dreamer (did you know that the octopus dreams in colour?) and a protagonist of the ecosystem in which it lives.

Read why we chose the Octopus.

So begins the great creative process of approaching the festival, which will lead the Staff together with its audience, the entities involved and the artists to reflect on the symbolism brought by this animal, also through anticipation and preparation events for SEGNI festival, all linked to the Octopus.

What better way to start the Year of the Octopus than with an Open Call for young artists: from Saturday 10th February until Thursday 22nd February, deliver your work depicting the Octopus to Segni d’infanzia; your work could become the new Visual of SEGNI for the year 2024!

The call is open for Millenials born since 1994 to Gen Z boys and girls born in 2009 (30-15 years old). The selected artist will receive € 500; the deadline for participation is Thursday 22nd February 2024. The complete regulations are available on the segnidinfanzia.org website by clicking here.

Then it will be time for the creation of the Octopus Bibliography, and finally, through readings and workshops, the launch of the historic competition “Colora l’Animale Simbolo” (Colour the Animal Symbol) dedicated to schools and families, and all the activities in the pipeline and the places loved by young and grown-ups at SEGNI New Generations Festival.


Happy Year of the Octopus to all and sundry! 🐙



Image by macrovector on Freepik