16 May 2023
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2023: The Year of the Flamingo!

2023: it’s the year of the Flamingo!

The Symbolic Animal that will accompany the 18th edition of SEGNI New Generations Festival (in Mantua from 29 October to 5 November) has finally been announced: the Flamingo.

A symbol of balance, sensitivity, rebirth, altruism, new experiences, it is associated with all four elements: water, air, fire, earth. An animal therefore particularly suitable for the 18th birthday of SEGNI, which in some ways signifies the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Read why we chose the Flamingo.

So begins the great creative process of approaching the festival, which will lead the staff together with its audience, the bodies involved and the artists to reflect on the symbolism brought by this animal, also through anticipation and preparation events for the festival, all linked to the Flamingo.

A fundamental part of this community are the teachers, who together with artistic director Cristina Cazzola and the girls of Segni’s TEEN Group, told the journalists, volunteers, partner bodies and sponsors present at the Press Conference on 15 May what the Flamingo represents for them; a sort of flash mob, to bring attention to their role in the growth process of boys and girls and to reaffirm and consolidate Segni’s alliance with the world of schools.

The first step will now be to identify the person who will create the image of the Symbolic Animal: usually created by established artists, for this year a unique opportunity has been launched, a great novelty. A ‘call for artists‘ is being launched, open to all those born between 1998 and 2011, to draw the Flamingo that will become the visual of the festival. The selected artist will receive € 500.00; the deadline for participation is Friday 9 June 2023. The complete regulations are available at segnidinfanzia.org.

It will then be time for the creation of the Flamingo Bibliography, and finally, through readings and workshops, for the launch of the historic Colour the Symbolic Animal Competition dedicated to schools and families, to all the activities and places loved by young and old at SEGNI New Generations Festival.

🦩 Happy New Year of the Flamingo to everyone! 🦩