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Patchwork, une courtepointe d’histoire

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Children Teenagers Schools

Cupid and Psyche. Chisel and paintbrush / Amore e Psiche. Fra pennello e scalpello

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Children Schools

Lupus in Fabula

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Segni production


“Segni Production” is the space dedicated to performances, workshops, art paths created, produced and co-produced by the Association. All of Segni’s productions use peculiar languages aimed at activating sensitivity to art, culture and the major themes of growth. They are replicable in other contexts, both Italian and international, and are suitable for school schedules, festival programs, seasons and all programming in edutainment approach.

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Segni in Onda

Segni’s digital scene: videos, podcasts, workshops, interviews, animations and shows

Live and On-demand

Segni projects

365 days a year of artistic projects for the new generations and the adults connected to them, including national contests, projects about European cooperation and fighting educational poverty.

All projects

Segni su misura

A space for co-planning between Segni and all organizations that would like to start a dialogue with the new generations

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