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Patchwork, une courtepointe d’histoire

Patchwork, une courtepointe d’histoire, written and directed by four hands, is the result of an international co-production dedicated to an audience aged 7 and over. An amusing journey back through the branches of genealogical trees and the migrations that have built the history of humanity. A trip to discover that our identity has always been a patchwork of stories, part of a history greater than ourselves, of which each of us is a unique and indispensable piece. The show is also a patchwork of languages between Italian, French and English, designed to recreate in the audience the feeling of disorientation that people who arrive in a new linguistic context can experience.

Two characters meet in a place with no space and no time. He is an anthropologist, she is a souvenirs and patchwork blanket seller. They are both on business in a crossing point: an airport. They do not speak the same language but gradually build a common vocabulary, communicating with gazes, gestures and simple words. He is setting up an exhibition on the “Great Journey of Humanity”, she is setting up her booth and every object that appears on the scene tells something of their private history, of the History of humanity. This happens because every object is, or can become, a symbol and tells the history of mankind as well as families’ adventures. The meeting soon turns into a theatrical game where adults and children are involved in the reflection that leads to discovery, in some way and for a thousand reasons, that we have always travelled and we are all made of pieces of different colours that represent our cultures. Pieces all connected by a great red thread that is our nature of migrant populations, starting from Lucy, our first ancestor.


Co-production: Association Segni d’infanzia, Théâtre Du Gros Mécano (CAN), Accademia Perduta/Romagna Teatri

Written and directed: Cristina Cazzola and Carol Cassistat, written in collaboration with Lucio Diana

With: Sara Zoia, Daniele Tessaro / Marjorie Audet, Nicolas Jobin

Duration: 55 minutes

Age: 6+,  also suitable for secondary schools

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