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20venti Segni all’improvviso

This project was initiated on the 15th Anniversary of SEGNI New Generations Festival in order to consolidate the cultural offer for young audiences in Mantua and its province, but it was partially postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic.

Teatro all’improvviso and Segni d’infanzia give life to an extraordinary year-long programme of shows and events, artist-in-residence schemes involving teachers and children, specialist meetings, entertainment with volunteers, all of which accompany the audience to a new edition of the SEGNI Festival.

The project is targeted at boys and girls, children and teenagers in the area, but especially at Youth Theatre which, in spite of its little visibility, plays a crucial role in promoting pluralism, cultural growth and social cohesion.

In addition, artist residencies in Italy and abroad make it possible to carry out research on how to innovate artistic languages and the transmission of knowledge.

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Phone no. +39 0376 1511955

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