06 Sep 2022

SEGNI 2022 è sulla Gazzetta di Mantova

The countdown has begun for the 17th edition of SEGNI New Generations Festival, the highly anticipated international theater and art event dedicated to the new generations and all the public which this year will be staged in Mantua from 29th October to 6th November 2022.

The SEGNI program arrives in the city and will be available online on Segninonda.org from 8 September. As per tradition, it is possible to find the paper booklet and meet the staff of Segni d’infanzia Associazione at the BP Factory (arcades in Piazza Concordia) from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 September. In absolute premiere for Festivaletteratura, Sunday 11 September, at the Lungolago Superiore, next to La Zanzara, it is possible to participate in “THE INVISIBLE WAY”, to learn more about the symbolic animals of SEGNI New Generations Festival (11:00 and 16: 00 – free upon reservation through eventbrite.it), by the Mantuan Collettivo LAN-DE-Sì.

The new performative laboratory that, in the company of two fantastic characters, retraces the world of symbolic animals of the seventeen editions of the festival to explore the very small one of the Ant, symbolic animal 2022, designed by Barbara Mazzolai, the biologist testimonial of the 17th edition of Segni che designs robots taking inspiration from plants and living organisms.

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