10 Oct 2022

PASTA MADRE MASTERCLASS: the great news of SEGNI New Generations Festival 2022

A new way to participate in SEGNI New Generations Festival is born in 2022, with the PASTA MADRE Masterclasses.

SEGNI 2022 welcomes a new set-up with Pavilions dedicated to the invited countries. With a live and on line program each Pavillion offers shows but also opportunities of exchange and networking such as the PASTA MADRE Masterclasses: experiences of live exchange and knowledge sharing for artists, professionals, cultural operators. They all meet at SEGNI to get regenerated and create ALLIANCES. As in the magic of the multiplication of mother yeast (PASTA MADRE) with water and flour, from an initial cell they will multply knowledge and skills.

The PASTA MADRE MASTERCLASSES include activities like the “Stage Fighting” or the cooking workshops, aimed at facilitating new forms of cooperation for a holistic approach to cultural management and international cooperation.

The Pavilions for 2022 are: NETHERLANDS, thanks to the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten Performing Arts Fund, NORWAY, with the collaboration of Assitej Norway, BELGIUM AND FLANDERS, with the support of the Diplomatic Representation of Flanders in Italy. Then CANADA, DENMARK and ITALY.

The Festival program 2022 is available on segninonda.org.  If you are a cultural operator or professional and want to register, fill the operators form

Sun Oct 30th

h 11:00, BOOMER STACEY (Canada),  120 mins, Spazio Gradaro

h 14:30 INGVILD LIEN (Norvegia), 180mins, Spazio Gradaro

h 20:30 JORGEN TJON A FONG (Olanda), 60 mins, Sala delle Capriate, ex Convento Benedettino

Mon Oct 31st

 h 11:00 PAUL KNIERIEM (Olanda), 120 mins, Palazzo Te, Tinelli 

h 14:30 ISOLE (Compagnia Hanafubuki) , 180 mins, Palazzo Te

Tue Nov 1st 

h 10.30 SPEED MEETINGS, 60 mins

 h 11:30 MOHAMED AADROUN (Olanda), 120mins, Palazzo Te

h 18.15 CHAIN REACTION OPPORTUNITIES (Olanda), 60 mins, Palazzo te

Wed Nov 2nd 

h 11:00 JIMMY BLAIS (Canada), 150 mins, Palazzo Te

h 15:00 ANNELIES APPELHOF and KEES BLIJLEVEN (Olanda), 150mins, Palazzo Te


Thu Nov 3rd

 h 10:30 HILDEGARD DRAAIJER and MELVIN FRAENK (Olanda), 120mins, Palazzo Te

 h 14:30 MASTERCHEF “Tortelli di Zucca” CON GIANFRANCO ALLARI, 120 mins, Loggia Del Grano

Fri Nov 4th

 h 14:30 HENRIK KHOLER (Danimarca), 120 mins, Palazzo Te

Sat Nov 5th

 h 10:00 YDN PRESENTANTION and Speed meetings about the dance topic, 60 mins