14 Feb 2023
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Nabuzardan tickets sold out

Families in Mantua responded enthusiastically to the 25th edition of Nabuzardan, selling out all available seats for both rounds in a matter of days!

It is therefore no longer possible to buy tickets for the Saturday 18 February event.

Segni also advises those taking part in the Nabuzardan at Palazzo Te to arrive at the event, entrance on the exedra side of the Giardini, at least 20 minutes before the start.

Please note that it will not be possible to bring inside Palazzo Te:

  • confetti, streamers, any kind of spray;
  • costume accessories such as swords, clubs, balloons (both plastic and rubber).

Given the great demand for this special occasion, Segni d’infanzia has asked the artists to liven up the town centre with circus acts open to all. You will find them on Saturday 18 February at around 10.30 a.m. in the pedestrian area at the junction of Via XX Settembre and Via Pescherie (Chiosco Viola side). No reservation is necessary.

However, the possibility of making a donation, which will be donated to UNICEF, to support the population affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, will continue throughout the week. Anyone wishing to make a contribution can request the data for the transfer by writing to biglietteria@segnidinfanzia.org.

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If you didn’t manage to get tickets for Nabuzardan, there is another way to participate as a protagonist in Segni’s events: become a volunteer! To become part of the team that has been collaborating for years on the numerous activities organised throughout the year and the Festival, contact us : 0376/752417 – elisabetta.girolami@segnidinfanzia.org