25 Feb 2022
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Spring brings winds of change to Segni

Artistic Director of Segni Cristina Cazzola has also become project manager for Bergamo-Brescia Italian capitals of Culture 2023 and has handed over her role as organizational manager to Monica Colella but she is still there as artistic director and manager of international networking project.


Elisabetta Girolami and Elisa Piasente are the other professionals of the team but…we are getting ready for a new start full of new projects and extraordinary adventures and…


We are looking for artists, collectives and theater companies willing to do an artistic residency on the Giglio island of 7 days from 19 or 20 June 2022. The projects will be selected by Artistic director Cristina Cazzola.


Fill here the google form until 20 March 2022.
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