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Volunteers at SEGNI New Generations Festival  
“Willing volunteers”! We’re waiting for you at the 15th edition of our festival!
This year as well it is possible to join the XV edition of the festival bringing your own enthusiasm and your helpfulness. This year the festival will last longer than the previous editions: from the 31st of October to the 8th of November 2020. The celebration days will allow you to meet the artists, the international hosts and obviously to welcome the public composed of families and schools in the locations of the events.

The volunteers will have free access to all the festival events.
We ensure a strongly emotional experience, several events and the discovery of a funny theatre enjoyable for anyone but at the same time able to stimulate deep reflections.
In short, a further occasion to feel European.

No age limit to join the festival: young and adults are welcome!
For under age children an adult authorization by filling a form is needed.
We require determined skills and motivations for volunteers coming outside the Mantova area.
It is possible to participate as a volunteer in different periods and you can:
-    communicate your availability for the organizational steps of the festival (already starting from May), your shifts and duties will be agreed with the organizers;
-    communicate your availability for the festival days (from the 31st of October to the 8th of November) and/or for a variable period starting from the 1st of September. We’ve planned for our helpers a minimum amount of time for  your presence that will be agreed with the organizers (we usually require at least 4 full-time days or 8 half-days but we can make exceptions with a valid justification).
-    become Vip Host by hosting artists and collaborators of the festival in your home. If you’re interested in this possibility, you just have to communicate your availability by indicating the type of structure you can offer, for how long and how many people you can host;
-    communicate your availability after the festival to collaborate with the administration steps to immerse yourself into the practical aspects (from the 6th of November to the 20th of December).
-   responsible for the location/ticketing and customer care services
-    responsible for the recreation centre
-    artists’ assistant
-    technical assistance
-    promotion and gadgets distribution
-    photographer
-    driver ( specify if you have a driving license and which kind of it)
How to participate:
Fill in the volunteer document attached and send it via mail to elisabetta.girolami@segnidinfanzia .org or via fax to the + 39 0376.1511955.
Then, you’ll be recruited for an individual interview for the task distribution and terms.
All the volunteers will be equipped with a pass for the event locations.
We expect many of you to participate!!
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