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SEGNI New Generations Festival 2021

For SEGNI 2021 we will realise a new format that reacts to the pandemic, a festival spread between SUMMER and AUTUMN, to return to meet in small groups of people and maintain contact between on and offline.

  • SEGNI at Giglio island from June 21 to 25
  • SEGNI Summer in Mantua from June 26 to July 17
  • SEGNI Autumn in Mantua  from October 23 to November 2
  • A selection of digital meetings and contents on including SEGNI CHAIN REACTION DIALOGUES between June and October 
Each event has different contents and objectives.

Today we present:
From 21 to 25 June 2021

dedicated to professionals is inclusive of meals & accommodation for a minimum of 3 days at € 85,00 per day
, in double rooms with packed lunches and dinners at the festival's canteen. 

A swab is required the day before the debark on the island which is setting up a COVID19-free management. 
PLACES ARE LIMITED! Quarantine is not required.

Write an email to to book your package by indicating your preferred days from:
  • June 20 check-in, June 23 check-out 
  • June 23 check-in, June 26 check-out

- Ferries exclusively to/from Porto Santo Stefano every hour
- Trip duration: one hour
- For reservations and schedules


5 days to re-establish a live contact, but above all, to listen and dialogue with a group of teenagers: the TEEN guests.
5 days to find new inspirations and share models of sustainability, to exchange practices and contribute to the WELL-BEING indispensable in this complex period:
  • Morning
    TEEN ACADEMY Dialogues at the Lighthouses of the island
    Walk and discussion every day in a panoramic place including the three lighthouses of the island.
  • Afternoon
    Cultivating Well-being
    Space for improvisation, autonomous cultural practices in freedom.
  • Evening
    Shows, workshops and performances
    Four companies in national premiere, artistic workshops, readings with authors, bedtime stories by the sea.

The material collected in the discussions and during the days of SEGNI at Giglio island will be composed in multilingual travel diaries delivered to LE CANAGLIE of the company CARROZZERIA ORFEO and returned in a LIVE performance on July 17 at SEGNI Summer in Mantua and online on
For more info on SEGNI at Giglio islandSEGNI Summer in Mantua, the  programme of SEGNI Autumn in Mantua and CHAIN REACTION DIALOGUES, write to