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Companies and artists who wish to participate in SEGNI New Generations Festival 2021, may apply by filling out the application form on this page by the 31st of January 2021. Send the application form to the address:

If you do not receive a reply, we have not received your application at the address indicated.
Applications sent to other accounts will not be considered.

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A message from Cristina Cazzola, artistic director of SEGNI New Generations Festival:
"Dear colleagues, many of you have been looking for me to ask if and what to apply for. I am writing to share a thought that I hope will help you to answer the call.
We have no idea what the future holds. I don't think we will go back to what we used to do any time soon. I really hope we won't. The call is a tool to stay in touch, to know what and if you are creating, producing, studying... To keep alive that dialogue and exchange that we had before by meeting in person, it is the only tool we have to go together into a new future.
I do not know what SEGNI 2021 will be. I don't know when or even where it will be. Mantua, online... Elsewhere? Let's take the privilege of breaking down the old schemes. So... Feel free. The call is rigid because it refers to an old model or to a model that is not clear even to me today. Let's imagine it together.
I will read with joy and curiosity all the wonderful projects that our creativity is giving us and that sooner or later we will be able to share beyond the screens.
I am the director of a festival and I should have a direction in mind, I believe that if directing is connected with listening well right now I prefer to be listening.
Thank you for the trust and esteem you show for SEGNI."