Gonzagabus: next stop…. history!

Created for Distretto Culturale Le Regge dei Gonzaga

A “time journey” through the places of Mantua’s dukes is the theme of the project that came alive between 2014 and 2015, designed by Segni d’infanzia and implemented with the cooperation of Distretto Culturale le Regge dei Gonzaga and Apam Esercizio Spa, as well as the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo. With the magic of theatre as the backdrop, the Gonzagabus, a bus provided by Apam, Mantua’s public transport company, travelled between the Municipalities of the Cultural District, taking children and families to the many places of the Gonzagas, to discover the Lords of Mantua’s secrets and artistic heritage. A fascinating story told by a theatre performance and backed by 11 picturesque scenarios, one for each of the locations with their artistic marvels left by the Gonzagas: from Torrazzo di Commessaggio, to Castello di Villimpenta and the Sala degli Imperatori of Palazzo Ducale di Sabbioneta.

The project required the creation of a dedicated transport line running between the places of the Gonzagas, over the Christmas period, with a different destination each day. Passengers leave from a place of art and reach another one where, during a show, they meet a female ancestor of the Gonzagas talking with one of the locals, who acts as a “guide”.

The show is never the same: the locals – one for each town – keepers of anectodes and curiosities about the Gonzaga Family, use their voices to animate an innovative format that narrates and passes on the local history, while promoting cultural action in the present and the future.

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