Our sustainable Carnival: a real work of art

Created for Comune di Mantova, Museo Civico e Fondazione di Palazzo Te, Complesso Museale di Palazzo Ducale

A week-long Carnival for children unfolding in the two main places of art in the city, Palazzo Te and Palazzo Ducale and consisting of a parade of bicycles made of recycled materials and turned into floats. A 20-year-old tradition after its origin as Nabuzardan within the confines of Palazzo Te and its extension to Palazzo Ducale in 2016, the Carnival has become a cooperative process with families working together to build their own floats from bicycles, and attracting an audience of over 3,000 from all over Italy.

A big fancy-dress party, with theatre and circus shows, art workshops and make-up spaces for children animating the Giuliesque villa and the very central Gonzaga Residence and making the city the perfect, unconventional setting for spending Carnival.

Palazzo Te and Palazzo Ducale welcome local families and tourists to a unique experience serving a double purpose: to increase appreciation of artistic heritage – by starting a dialogue between ancient places and contemporary languages – and to encourage all generations to adopt a more respectful and sustainable behaviour towards the environment. This is the meaning of our eco-friendly parade filling the city’s streets with colours and positive energy, a procession of bicycles turned into floats representing fantastic animals.

Since 2021, it has been possible to follow the event online on segninonda.org (link).

The eco-friendly Carnival in Mantua is a work of art for all ages.

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