The Horse is the animal symbol chosen for the XIV edition od SEGNI New Generations Festival
This year’s animal symbol is the HORSE drawn by the famous Italian painter and architect Giulio Pippi de’ Jannuzzi, better known as Giulio Romano.
Born in Rome in 1499, in 1524 he moved to Mantua by order of Federico Gonzaga, the ruler of the city, who wanted him as court artist. Giulio Romano’s fresco paintings in the Ducal Palace and in the suburban Palazzo Te contributed to make Mantua one of the most beautiful jewels of the Renaissance in Italy’s territory.

The image chosen as SEGNI New Generation Festival 2019's animal symbol is the horse drawn in the splendid Troia Apartement in the Ducal Palace – which owns its name to the fresco cycle, realized by Giulio Romano, in the main room.

The HORSE is a symbol of potency, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, freedom.
The horse has always played a key role in the human culture. So, this year’s choice of the animal symbol is intended to be both a reminder to not forget our roots and a meeting between ancient and contemporary art.